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From 1985 the company’s main aim is to use high quality ingredients only. Thanks to the constant application of this principle COVE has reached a firm position in the world of food colours (water-soluble, fat-soluble, sprays, markers, in paste) and semi-finished products for confectionery (sugar pastes with cocoa butter, plastic type chocolate with pure chocolate, flavourings for chocolate and fat substances, royal icing white and coloured, flavorings for creams, etc.).

COVE’s priorities are the extreme care in the selection of raw materials, the traditional method of production and the continuous attention to the current trends in order to be ready to cater for all the requirements. This company philosophy has led to the creation of a vast range of products able to simplify certain phases in craft productions, save time in preparation processes and bring out the creativity and manual skills of master confectioners.

Company certified ISO 22000:2005.