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Smet Chocolaterie has been a pioneer in the chocolate industry for more than five decades, and after years of success they are taking their operations to the next level. While the family-owned business now has a wider product selection and more services than ever before, the heart of their mission is the same: to produce high-quality products that exceed their industrial customers’ expectations

Smet Chocolaterie manufacture semi-finished products, from chocolate shavings to filled or printed chocolates, and more. We also specialize in final products including chocolate hollow figures in a range of shapes, and sizes, and colours.

As a renowned industry-leader, their services are built on six pillars that Smet Chocolaterie keep at the heart of all they do: Family-owned, Problem Solvers, Quality Mission, Global Thinking, Flexible partners, and Sustainable Business.


With facilities all across the world, including Europe, North America, India, and Asia, the company cater to a truly global market.


The company own state-of-the-art production facilities, taking all reasonable measures to ensure flawless food safety, quality, hygiene, and traceability.