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Fruits Rouges &CO is a French company, founded in 1990 located in North of France close to Reims.

The company is producing a full range of frozen fruits and fruits puree fresh or frozen.

At the heart of the Fruits Rouges &CO’s approach there are quality, food safety (we are certified ISO 22000, IFS Grade A; Organic certificat) and respect for the environment.

Offers a full product range of:

  • frozen IQF fruits conventional or Organic
  • frozen/pasteurized fruits purees and coulis Made in France natural products with No conservatives, No colorant, No artificial additive (just fruits with/without sugar), (perfect for preparation of ice cream, cake, etc)

Fruits Rouges &CO is co-founder of sustainable label “Demain La Terre” (Tomorrow the Earth) because we are not only trader of fruits but producer too. And we defended some values: biodiversity, take care about the water and energy, no GMO, no chemical products, etc.