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LA CIGALE DOREE, a BISCUITIER located in Gémenos Provence in the south of France, was created in 1964 and was bought by Michel Bohé in 2004.

Being recognized in French and international professional pastry circles, is a specialist in “ready to fill pastry business” including savarins, babas, sponge cakes and macaroons shells.

Regarding babas, it’s the only manufacturer of 8 different formats adapted to different types of consumption.

Its sponge cake, which can be produced in ambient as also in frozen form, is recognized as the best one on the French market.

The sponge cake in its frozen form, as a homogeneous product, is being freezed at -18ºC to heart in less than 2 minutes, in cryogenics.

Its shells of macaroons are exported throughout Europe.


In 2018 LA CIGALE DOREE launched its own artisanal brand of biscuits, under the original name of ‘La Cigale BISCUITIER CREATEUR’ for the retail market.

Within the same year was awarded by the bronze medal of MEDAILLE DE BRONZE PRIX EPICURES DE L’EPICERIE FINE for its product ‘P’tits sablés Herbes de Provence et Parmesan AOP’.

LA CIGALE DOREE’s quality department ensures its customers respect for HACCP and environmental standards. Customer service, responsiveness, product quality, backward and forward traceability are part of the DNA of the company and its employees. Its R&D department helps its partners to develop specific products adapted to local particularities (tastes, forms, etc.).